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Custodian - Central Office - Environmental Services Jobs in Suwanee, GA

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Custodian - Central Office - Environmental Services

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License and Certification Qualifications: Valid Georgia Class C Driver's License required.

Education Qualifications: High school diploma or equivalent required.

Experience Qualifications: Institutional, industrial, or commercial cleaning experienced preferred.

Skills Qualifications: Ability and willingness to learn and proficiently perform the custodial care skills and tasks of the Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) Custodial Care Program and other general custodial practices; ability to hear, understand, and follow oral instructions given in the English language; ability to read, understand, and follow written instructions in the English language at a minimum 6th grade level, such as safety instructions, use and disposal instructions on custodial product labels, GCPS Custodial Toolbox training materials, and other forms, documents, or notes provided by the supervisor or other designated supervisory staff; and ability to work effectively as part of an assigned custodial team. Ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

Primary Responsibilities: Maintain all support facilities and grounds in a clean and orderly condition and perform duties assigned by the designated supervisory staff.

1. Perform assigned cleaning and other custodial care tasks of the GCPS Custodial Care Program that are on the schedule provided by the designated supervisor in a proficient manner.
a. Participate in on-the-job and scheduled training and learn how to correctly perform the custodial care tasks of the GCPS Custodial Care Program.
b. Consistently perform assigned custodial care tasks in a timely manner to complete all duties as scheduled.
c. Perform assigned custodial care tasks in an effective manner to conform with cleanliness standards and expectations.
d. Perform other custodial care tasks when instructed.

2. Utilize appropriate chemicals, supplies, and equipment, which have been approved for use according to GCPS Policies and Procedures, to perform assigned custodial care tasks.
a. Select the proper cleaning chemicals, products or other materials for assigned custodial care tasks.
b. Carefully read, understand and follow label instructions, safety data sheets and other relevant documentation for all cleaning chemicals, products and other materials used to perform custodial care and other tasks, including proper use of required personal protective equipment.
c. Carefully read, understand and follow directions for use, safety precautions, warnings and other instructions in manuals and other documentation provided for tools and equipment used to perform custodial care and other tasks
d. Use only cleaning chemicals, products and other materials approved for use in the GCPS Custodial Care Program or approved by other properly designated GCPS staff.
e. Use only cleaning chemicals, products and other materials that have not passed their expiration date.

3. Maintain custodial care tools and equipment in a clean, sanitary, and safe working condition according to instructions and guidelines of the GCPS Custodial Care Program.
a. Follow all manufacturer recommended procedures and other instructions to properly clean and care for custodial tools and equipment after use.
b. Do not use any broken or damaged equipment if it is unsafe to do so.
c. Properly charge battery powered equipment after use.
d. Properly store all custodial care and other tools and equipment after use.
e. Document battery charging and other machine care tasks as required.

4. Open and secure assigned facilities or grounds areas at the time(s) instructed by the designated supervisory staff.
a. Unlock and open, close and lock, or otherwise control access through all doors, gates and others ingress/egress points only at specified times or as otherwise assigned.
b. Maintain proper control of all keys, access cards, and security codes assigned to you. Take appropriate measures to safeguard these items against theft, loss, or unauthorized use.
c. Relinquish all keys, access cards, and security codes assigned to you, when no longer required to perform you assigned duties, or as otherwise instructed.

5. Suggest alternate cleaning practices, products, tools, or equipment for the GCPS Custodial Care Program and assist the Environmental and Supply Services Department in related evaluations to identify those that are more efficient or effective
a. Communicate ideas and suggestions for continuos improvement of the GCPS Custodial care Program to Assistant Head Custodian or Head Custodian.
b. Provide feedback on the observed positive and negative impacts of new cleaning practices, materials, tools, and equipment to these same individuals.

6. Notify management of supplies requiring replenishment and inoperable machinery, equipment, and/or plumbing fixtures.
a. Count, record and report inventory of consumable supplies on a regular frequency as instructed.
b. Replenish cleaning carts, and restock closets with consumable supplies when required.
c.. Promptly report all broken or damaged custodial tools and equipment to your immediate supervisor or other appropriate person.

7. Perform room and facility setups and move and relocate facility furniture and equipment.
a. Arrange furniture and equipment in conference rooms, break rooms, and other meeting spaces as directed by the Head Custodian, Facility Manager or other appropriate GCPS staff.
b. Lift, carry, place, push, pull or otherwise physically transport furniture and equipment from one location to another, using appropriate lifting techniques and/or material handling equipment as required.

8. Maintain appropriate, positive, professional, and cooperative working relationships with team members, assigned facility staff, and other GCPS employees in all work related interactions.
a. Communicate in a professional manner during all work related interactions.
b. Work diligently and perform your portion of shared duties, tasks and projects in a timely manner, with a positive attitude towards team members, facility staff, other GCPS employees and the work.
c. As completion of assigned individual tasks permits, proactively look for opportunities and assist team members, facility staff and GCPS employees with other needs when appropriate.
d. Work out relational differences with others directly, when possible, and seek guidance or assistance from the head custodian or appropriate others, as needed

9. Operate GCPS vehicles safely in accordance with local, state, and federal laws, and complete associated tasks such as fueling and checking fluids.
a. Avoid unnecessary distractions while driving, including eating, prolonged phone conversations, and reading paper or electronic documents.
b. Use extreme caution when driving on and around school and support facilities' campuses, being particularly mindful of students, other pedestrians, and vehicles in the area.
c. Check non-roadway areas of campus grounds for potential hazards before driving on them to complete assigned duties.
d. Take proper care of vehicles, reporting all accidents, repair and maintenance needs, and delivering vehicles for scheduled service when required.
e. Obtain supervisory approval prior to making any modifications to vehicles, including temporary or permanent attachments.

10. Perform other duties as assigned.
a. Follow instructions provided by Assistant Head Custodian, Head Custodian, or other appropriate GCPS staff.

Physical Demands:
While performing the duties of this job, the employee is frequently required to talk and hear, stand, walk, negotiate stairs, reach with hands and arms, manipulate tools and small items with hands and lift and transport up to 50 pounds over short distances. The employee is frequently required to climb ladders, stoop, kneel, or crouch. Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision, distance vision, color vision, peripheral vision, depth perception, and ability to adjust focus. The employee may be subjected to a wide range of ambient temperature and humidity conditions will working with equipment. Potential hazards of this position include working with electrical and battery powered equipment and working with heat and noise producing machinery and equipment with rotating parts using chemicals and solvents. Reasonable accommodations will be made for individuals with specific disabilities to perform the essential functions..

Sep 13, 2022. Gwinnett County Public Schools Jobs from GA Job Source

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